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Client Information


Size                  Square             Approx Cubic               Monthly Rate                

                         Metres              Metres


3.6 x 1.9           6.84                  17.00                            $150.00

3.6 x 3.6           12.96                31.0                              $240.00

6 x 3                 18.00                48.6                              $310.00 


20ft Container                                                                $230.00 



Refundable deposits


·          Cleaning and damage                 $50.00 + GST

·          Access swipe card                      $50.00 + GST

·          All storage fees are payable monthly in advance in accordance with the terms and conditions.

·          A ‘Late Fee’ of $20.00 will be charged seven days after payment due date.

·          A ‘Booking Fee’ of $25.00 applies to all rentals of less than one month



11 Pukatea Place
Sliding Access Gate

Site Rules

·          Ohakune Storage is a non smoking site. Smoking is strictly forbidden within the perimeter fence. Please ensure that any friends, acquaintances or moving contractors are aware of this rule.


·          Vehicle speed should not exceed 10 km per hour. There is limited room to manoeuvre plus pedestrians. Please park your vehicle with consideration for others.


·          When arranging transport, please inform your transport contractor that there is limited turning room on the site and extra large removal vans may have difficulty in manoeuvering.


·          Clients need to be offsite before closing time. Your access gate card will only operate between the opening and closing hours. You cannot get out the gate after the nominated closing time. If an after hours release is required, a $25.00 call-out fee will be charged.


·          The access card works in sequence. The computer will record when you enter and when you leave. You cannot break the sequence and for example, try to leave twice. If you want to stay on site but let someone else out, go out with them and then use the card to come back in.


·          Gate access cards may be voided if storage fees are not received by the due date. If you cannot get in , it may be because your account is overdue.


·          Storage fees are payable in advance. Under the terms of the rental agreement, Ohakune has the right to charge a ‘Late Fee’ if payments are not received by the due date.


·          Ohakune is a storage site only. There is no provision for nor is it permitted to undertake any repairs, cleaning or any other activities other than the storage of goods.


·          The rental agreement specifies 14 days notice to terminate. This is the minimum notice Ohakune Storage needs to plan the availability of the units. If notice is not given, then we regret that 14 days’ storage fees will be charged in lieu thereof.


·          On departure, units must be left clean and in good repair. Any cleaning or      repair costs will be deducted from the client’s deposit.


Client Access Hours

Summer                  6.00am until 9.00pm seven days a week

Winter                     7.00am until 6.00pm seven days a week


Prohibited Items

The storage of the following items is prohibited. They come under the definition of “inflammable” or “environmentally harmful” in the rental agreement.


·          Cans of petrol, diesel or oil

·          Cans of paint thinners, solvents or similar fluids

·          Leaking cans of any description

·          Packaged food that is not sealed in cans or metal containers

·          Engine or motor parts that may contain oil. For example: engine blocks,                         differentials, drives, gear boxes etc


Tel: (027) 480 0993

1/35 Arthur street


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